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Input Production

In general, the production of inputs bases on the use of ingredients or raw materials included in those allowed by Bioagricert Standard and other official regulations (e.g., EC Regulation 889/2008, NOP/USDA, JAS, etc.), preferably made with transformation / physical preparation (please see the list reported par. 5). The evaluation methods of the production processes should be based on the “prevention and caution” principle. When the activity of inputs production may damage human or animal health or the environment, the operator should take preventive measures to limit the risks even if the risks cannot be scientifically determined. The operator who applies for inputs certification should demonstrate to have identified the possible risks and the corrective actions to limit them. The preventive measures protocol should include all the areas that may be damaged. The preventive measures protocol should include all possible alternative solutions and also the case where no alternatives are available.

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Crop Production

Organic crop production management should cover a diverse planting scheme. For perennial crops, this should include plant-based ground cover crops. For annual crops, this should include diverse crop rotation practices, cover crops (green manures), intercropping or other diverse plant production methods.

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Wild Harvest

Wild collection certification is required whenever wild products are to be marketed as organic. Wild products are derived from a self sustainable growing environment. Basic principles of wild collection Only naturally grown plants (without any agricultural interventions), Clearly defined collection area, The collection area must not have been treated with any non allowed inputs, A good map is needed, it should contain the outer boarders of the collecting area, Sustainable Collection: Collection does not endanger the ecosystem and that the stability of the plant population, or the ecosystem is not threatened, A systematic record of all activities from the collection area to the marketing of the product should be kept for the full traceability

The general requirements for organic wild collection complies with National programme for organic production (NPOP), India (Considered equivalent to council regulation) (EC) No. 834/2007 and Swiss organic farming ordinance for plant products originating in India and USDA NOP. There is no conversion period as long as the requirements for the organic wild collection are met.

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After struggling to find a reliable certification partner for our farm, we stumbled upon EOPL, and it's been a game-changer. Their thorough process and attention to detail gave us the confidence to proudly label our produce as organic. The team's expertise and support have been invaluable, guiding us through every step of the certification journey.

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We couldn't be happier with the professionalism and efficiency of Eccentric Organic. Their dedication to upholding organic standards is evident in every interaction. With their certification, we've not only enhanced the credibility of our products but also strengthened our commitment to sustainable practices. Highly recommended for anyone seeking trustworthy organic certification.

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